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550 Sauðárkrókur

T  /  +354 821-0090

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Drangey is a sheer sided palagonite cliff approximately 180m high, the top of the island is only accessable from one landing point.  Bird life on the island is diverse however, the most predominant varieties are puffin and guillemot.  Brunnich’s guillemot and other guillemots nest in the cliffs along with razorbilled auks.  The puffin on the other hand digs holes on the edge of the cliff top.  Seagulls and other sea birds also call the island home along with ravens and gyrfalcons.
Abseiling for eggs and bird catching has long been a tradition on Drangey, the island providing much needed fresh food to the citizens of Skagafjordur after long and hard winters.   At it’s peek the island provided 200.000 birds and 24.000 eggs.

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